Retail and Hospitality Culture Audit

Do you have team members of different ages and generations resulting in ambiguity and miscommunication regarding what is and what isn’t ‘ok’ behaviour when serving customers and also when liaising with colleagues?

Why it's important to live your company values:

Everyone understands how important it is to be respectful to both customers and colleagues in the workplace, but things can slip when everyone gets busy.

We can help you define how your company's values should be applied in general day-to-day situations, so that your expectations around customer service and working together as a team are clear. 

What's included in the audit:

Step 1:

Clarification of your company's values and how these apply in a work context

A review of your current workplace guidelines and procedures

Step 2:

Distilling how your company's values are applied to expected behaviours in the following situations:

Customer service

Liaising with team leaders/management/colleagues - including a framework for how to give and receive feedback

The treatment of workplace facilities

Working from remotely - if applicable

Step 3:

Support for 6 months to help embed these cultures into your workplace and for the further development of this guide by your team


A culture guide specific to your company