Hi, I'm Alexandra.

I’m the founder of Blind Spot Auditing and have a background in advertising, operations and startups.

When most people think about auditing, they think of financial auditing. With my background, we don't do that. We specialise in what we know inside and out and can add value to - culture and communications.

After 20-plus years working in advertising across a broad range of categories and clients, such as Apple, Toyota, M&S, Barclays and Telstra, combined with time in startups, I realised that even the most savvy business people have blind spots when it comes to their own business. 

I also understand how, when receiving feedback about your own company or work product, having feedback presented in a kind and thoughtful way can be the difference between being able to comprehend it and being so offended that you dismiss it.

So that's our aim. To provide quality feedback in a thoughtful way that will help businesses grow.