Happiness at Work Audit

It is well known that happier employees are more engaged and productive. So, how are you helping your employees to be happy in the workplace?

The Happiness at Work Program: Audit and Happiness Activities

This audit is different to other audits; this is an individual workplace self-reflection and development program. 

Developed with respected psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, translated into other languages and sold globally, it trains people to seek out the positive moments in their workday, however small and register them. 

After doing this audit for just a few weeks, thinking positively should start becoming automatic, resulting in your employees feeling better within themselves, happier and more productive.

What you receive:

The 6-week program - supplied in workbook format

30 activities over 30 days

Responses are to be handwritten (aids learning)

Allocate 10-15 mins daily for participants to do this

Program Rollout - Support

We provide pre, during and post-program rollout support.

Facilitation of this program can be managed internally by your team, using the supplied materials or we have options for how this can be delivered together.  

Post Program Maintenance

In addition to the rollout and facilitation support, the following is also provided:

Ongoing Happiness Plan - to embed the new habits

Program in card format - so activities can be repeated