Communications Audit

Are all of your communication materials aligned and telling your brand story? We understand that they're often written at different times, by different people. Then, once ticked off your ‘to-do list’, don't really get looked at or updated consistently.

What's included in the audit?

Review of your brand positioning 

Alignment on your brand positioning and development of a messaging hierarchy matrix

A holistic review of your current communication materials (copy and visuals) against the agreed positioning / messaging hierarchy

Support and guidance on how to brief in the changes and help to manage unforseen additional requirements


Brand positioning clarification and a messaging hierarchy matrix

Audit of your communication materials with recommended updates for both copy and visuals split by quick wins and longer term updates

Support and guidance while updating the marketing material - we don't just make recommendations and disappear

Ability to easily manage your communication materials via your Ongoing Communications Checklist

Additional option:

Operations and communication planning 

Facilitation of and help to develop an 18 month operations and communications matrix to help you plan the bigger picture for your business, while also breaking down the monthly actions that are required to achieve your goals. Check-ins over a 12 month timeframe are also locked in, to provide support, help and encouragement.